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NOTICE: 11.11.15    Those annoying ads will be gone in december.
                    (And i'll be uploading better photos and
                    new figures very soon!)

This place is  dedicated to my dinosaur & prehistoric animal figures.
Site is mainly for my own fun but i hope it can serve others as well.
And because of frequent inquiries, i will state here that my figures are not for sale / trade if not stated otherwise.

Please don't use my photos without my permission.


I also offer model/figure painting service, click here for more information.






26.11.15   -Kaiyodo Argentine horned frog added.
           -Battat Terra Pachyrhinosaurus added.
           -Kaiyodo Dinoland Triceratops added.
           -Aaron Doyle Shapeaways Nasutoceratops added.
           -Battat Terra Cryolophosaurus added.
           -Marx Woolly mammoth added.

26.11.15   -Kanna Dinosaur Center Protoceratops added.
           -Marx Parasaurolophus added.
           -Marx Apatosaurus added.
           -MPC Styracosaurus added.
           -Starlux Protoceratops added.
           -Basel Tsintaosaurus added.
           -Marx Mammoth added.
           -Marx Ankylosaurus added.
           -Marx Cynogntahus added.
           -Marx Pteranodon added.
           -Marx Triceratops added.
           -MPC Diatryma added.
           -Dinotales Allosaurus added.


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